About the manual

The Emotionally Friendly Settings (EFS) manual takes you through the process of becoming an Emotionally Friendly Setting. We explain our training and action planning process to you, and include copies of all our audit tools.

Each area covered in these audits has a parallel section in the EFS manual. This makes it easy for us to provide you with support to identify your priority areas to develop and then select the best available options to successfully progress in these areas.

Each chapter give practical advice on the topic and resources for within the setting, as well as recommending evidence based interventions to implement in your setting.
The manual is bright and colourful, and designed in an information sheet style so that you can remove pages to reference in meetings or to photocopy resources for use in your setting. We’ve included some glimpses of its content below.

The most recent edition of the manual was updated in April 2019, and we are constantly reviewing and reassessing existing content and sourcing new content. We welcome contributions from our Emotionally Friendly Settings in the form of case studies and recommendations for resources to be included. If you would like to submit a case study or information for our next update then please use our contact us form.

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